Allen System 300C Digital Organ + Cabinets


Allen System 300C Church Organ + 2 External Speaker Tone Cabinets



Used Allen System 300C early digital two manual church organ in a moving stop tab console. This organ is in good working order. Organ comes complete with a pair of external speaker tone cabinets (organ has no internal speakers), a full size 32 note concave & radiating detachable pedalboard, a locking hinged cover, a matching organ stool, transposer, a general expression foot pedal, a crescendo foot pedal, usual couplers, card reader with a selection of Allen Tone Cards for Alterable Voice Tabs (x 4), etc. This fine organ would be suitable as a home practice instrument or for installation in a church. The instrument is on display in our organ showroom in Bandon. The external speakers are shown on each side of the organ in the pictures.